About me

With love for the profession

Leonhard Rank, born in Munich, comes from a musical academic family and came into contact with string instruments at an early age. He began playing the cello as a child and quickly developed a great affinity for this instrument.
In addition to music, Leonhard Rank also discovered his passion for handicraft work with wood. Consequently, he combined these interests and went to the technical instrument making school in Mittenwald to learn the craft of violin making.

To expand the basic knowledge he acquired there, Rank worked for several years after graduation in established specialist workshops with a focus on restoration and trade. Here he deepened his knowledge of the latest restoration techniques and the analysis and documentation of historical stringed instruments.

In 2013, Leonhard Rank set up his own business in the centre of Cologne and shares a studio with violin maker, musicologist and restorer Johannes Loescher.

Since then, one focus of his work has been the appraisal of stringed instruments, the creation of documentation and the extensive restoration of valuable violins, violas and cellos.
The responsible handling of this important cultural asset is a very appealing challenge and at the same time a fulfilling activity for him.