Sometimes it is not easy to find exactly the right instrument. I will gladly help you with your search and/or evaluate the price-performance ratio, also of other instruments.

Wanted... found

For sale in my workshop are mainly antique string instruments, either restored and set up by me or traded on commission. I will be happy to advise you on which instrument in the desired price range might be a good choice. The greatest possible transparency is important to me. For example, the instruments are offered in a higher category with serious certificates from renowned experts. If there is no certificate yet, it will be issued upon agreement at the time of sale. It is also important to me to go into more detail and explain the condition of the instruments. This also applies to instruments that do not originate from my company.

The "IR-Scan"

Would you like to get a neutral opinion on an instrument that is offered to you or that you would like to sell? Please feel free to contact me, my experience in condition analysis and the use of e.g. the IR scan (infrared light analysis) can provide unexpected clarity.