Restoration / Repair

Reintegration of cracks into the overall appearance by way of careful cleaning, re-gluing, stabilising, and retouching; arching corrections; grafts; damage due to accident.

Respect for old age

One of my main areas of expertise is the restoration of old stringed instruments. Because of my experience with extensive and complex restorations I am able to offer you advice and a realisation of your project at the highest level. When implementing this process I am guided by conservative conservation ethics. In this way, I work towards a restoration that is as authentic as possible while maintaining a well-kept appearance with respect to the age of the instrument. Whereas technical expertise can often lead to attempted concealment of damage and thus to an “ageless” appearance, I prefer to focus on preservation and authenticity. This way you can be assured that the personality of your instrument will be preserved.

First the analysis, then the intervention

My experience as an appraiser of the condition of historical stringed instruments and my research into new analysis techniques enable me to make important, comprehensive statements about appropriate interventions in advance. Ideally, the procedure begins with precise documentation as the basis for the restoration decision.

Repair / Accidental damage

You wouldn’t wish it on anyone! But due to the delicate construction of the violin family, accidental damage cannot always be prevented. All the same, I can reassure you! With modern methods of repair almost anything is possible. I can support you if something happens, and together with you and your insurance company develop a plan for repairing and restoring the instrument to its usual, or perhaps even a tonally improved, condition.

In the event that the instrument has decreased in value I will clarify this with you and the insurance company.