Condition reports

Individually adapted analysis for the appraisal of historical stringed instruments.

Detailed expert reports

A particular speciality of mine is the detailed documentation and condition assessment of historical, valuable stringed instruments. My clients include insurance companies, auction houses, collectors, dealers and private individuals such as musicians and/or owners of the instruments.

In addition to the purely scientific documentation, such an appraisal has several benefits, especially during the sales process.

  • The seller can present the actual condition of the instrument in an unadorned and transparent manner with an independent appraisal. In this way he fulfils his duty of care and can justify the respective asking price in connection with the determination of authenticity.

  • The buyer, on the other hand, can make sure that the condition corresponds to his expectation and, if not, be informed about the significance of the impairments found.

The analysis

I work with the latest technology, which is also used, for example, in the examination of works of art in museums or in forensics. In the course of my many years of work and research in this field, several new methods of analysis have also been developed.

You can find an overview under methods of analysis on this website.